Deep Spaders

135SX310PL (8)

In certain circumstances it is necessary to work the soil up to greater depth. Getting rid of hard pans, or for mixing of organic material or amendments. Imants produces deep spaders up to 135 cm (53”)
Vineyards, Nurseries, Agriculture, horticulture and re-cultivating, so generally for soil quality improvement. In many cases the deep spaders will provide that extra intensive soil mixing to get a better uniformity and dilution. The Imants spaders are equipped with a unique spade shaft. The banks on which the spade arms are mounted are evenly divided through the machine. The spade arms are bend left and right. This to create the ideal mixing and soil structure.
When the Imants spaders are used, the soil profile is necessarily completely blended. Part of the soil is mixed but most of the aerobic layer stays where it is. By changing forward speed the perfect mix can be achieved. Hard pans can be a great obstacle for the roots to penetrate or can create water logging. These are permanently gone after using the spader. This is not the case when using a ripper. Lots of organic material can be mixed. This will stimulate organisms leading to healthier soils. Often deep spading is used when established vineyards are replanted, before asparagus is planted, or before nurseries plant their trees. Nowadays spaders are often used for incorporating soil amendments. And in the mining industry to get rid of moisture or the create a better soil structure. Sand can be mixed through clay or vice versa. So lots of different usages for this tillage method.