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Your Source for Imants rotary spaders and parts in the United States. Imants has been manufacturing agricultural machinery in Holland for over 125 years, and rotary spaders since the 1960s. The principal features of the Imants rotary spading machines are their simplicity and solid construction, which makes them the ideal single pass tillage tool. The narrower models are used primarily by landscapers, greenhouses, nurseries, vineyards, and organic farmers. The wider models are utilized for general field cultivation and as a replacement for the plow. An Imants spading machine can incorporate large amounts of organic material, such as crop residue, straw, compost or green manure. With regular use, both the aerobic quality of the soil and drainage is greatly improved, while fields may be prepared for planting in just one pass with use of the spader with power harrow. These spading machines are available in various sizes and models ranging from 4 ft. to 15 ft wide